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The Best Blog Posts from the Last 7 Days

The blog posts below were the ones that received the most attention after being tweeted by @ThailandVoice

  1. Songkran 2014 in Ubon | @thethaireport
  2. Bang Saen- my new beginning | seasiangirl
  3. Tone Up! II – tone rules | Farang Can Learn Thai
  4. 4 Traditional Songkran Songs You’ve Heard Before In 7-11 | @thethailandlife
  5. Finding the Tone of a Thai Syllable | @womenlearnthai
  6. Amazing Thailand: ThailandOnly SongkranThailand? | @Womenlearnthai
  7. This Is Thailand – Thankfully! (Allen A Hale)
  8. Wat Khao Phrabat and Wat Phra Yai-a different view of Pattaya | seasiangirl 
  9. Our $500 Townhouse in Chiang Mai | @TielandThailand
  10. A British Themed Mall in Bangkok | @RichardBarrow

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Top 5 Blogs from Thailand

Thailand VoiceThe blogs featured below are the five that send us the most traffic each month to either ThailandVoice.com or RichardBarrow.com or both.

Thailand Blogs
Thai Sabai
A Woman Learning Thai… and some men too
Learning Thai: Navigating the New Culture Frontier
Farang Rak Thai: Thailand Expat Photo Blog

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