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The Best Blog Posts from the Last Few Days

  • Adam and Ben Bradshaw: Farang Rian Thai ฝรั่งเรียนไทย
    Adam and Ben Bradshaw: Farang Rian Thai… Being a fan of Adam Bradshaw for years, I finally interviewed him in 2011. When it comes to speaking Thai, Adam is one of the best out of the many talented expats I’ve come across. Since breaking into the business, Adam has been involved in many projects involving the English and Thai… ... read more
    Source: A Woman Learning Thai… and some men too
  • Bicycle Tour of Bangkok with Spice Roads
    Over the weekend I went on a 22 kms bicycle ride in Bangkok. I had been invited by Spice Roads to test out their cycle ride that starts in Chinatown and crosses the river to Thonburi. I love cycling and exploring, but sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do the guiding with the hope you will discover something new. Cycling… ... read more
    Source: Richard Barrow in Thailand
  • Restrictions on Flying Drones in Thailand
    The use of unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs) or drones has been going on for more that ten years now in Thailand. They were widely used by the mass media during the protests and floods to show pictures of crowds and the extent of floods. At that time, the drones were massive and often needed two operators to fly them.… ... read more
    Source: Richard Barrow in Thailand
  • How to Watch Miss Universe in #Thailand
    Photo of #MissUniverseThailand during rehearsals for #MissUniverse. Watch live in #Thailand on CH.3SD from 8am pic.twitter.com/8NUscYPqYo— Richard Barrow (@RichardBarrow) January 25, 2015 Miss Universe is an annual international beauty pageant. This year it takes place on Sunday 25th January. You can watch live on NBC. However, for people living outside of America you have to tune into your local… ... read more
    Source: Richard Barrow in Thailand
  • How yoga helps my writing
    Surrendering to silence. [Mae Ngat Dam, Thailand, 2012]I’ve been practicing yoga for about 12 years. I say this not to impress you, but because I want to establish how long yoga and I have enjoyed a healthy relationship. Of course, by now, you’d think I’d be really bendy and flexible, but I am not. I’m not “advanced”. On the contrary,… ... read more
    Source: Life, The Universe and Lani

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Thai Sabai
A Woman Learning Thai… and some men too
Learning Thai: Navigating the New Culture Frontier
Farang Rak Thai: Thailand Expat Photo Blog

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