Chonburi FC

Chonburi FC

I’m originally from Oldham in the north west of England but have lived in Thailand since 1997. I am married to Nui and we have three dogs and four cats. I enjoy playing and watching most sports, going to the cinema reading, cycling and listening to music. My Chonburi FC website started in 2009.

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8 thoughts on “Chonburi FC

  1. Great site, and regularly updated, lots of interesting fan stuff. Keep it up

    Stuff to moan about – too many clicks to get an article. Plus if you do not stay on page when opening it – something weird happens and needs t be refreshed as none of the links work.

    • Thank you for your comment, Tim. Glad you like the site.

      If you stay on the page whilst it is opening, it will work fine. It’s only when you leave that there are problems. I have reported this issue to the website host – clubwebsite – so hopefully, it will soon cease to be a problem.

  2. An excellent website not only for all things Chonburi FC but news and views on the league, cup competitions and more.

  3. As someone very new to both Chonburi FC and Thai football, I’ve found the site very informative and interesting. Great individual player records and regularly updated match reports.

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