Greg to Differ

Greg to Differ

Like most blogs, Greg to Differ is part ego trip, part literary outlet and part info dump, but the seed was planted back in 2007 when I fielded one too many questions about what to expect in Bangkok. I got a bit bored of people thinking this city was a simmering cesspool, a frat-boy oasis overflowing with pussy, booze and the anything-goes attitude that you can generally see on Khao San Road or at the Full Moon Parties. Granted – that’s not to say that Thailand’s wild side isn’t well deserved, but if people think those things are all that Bangkok has to offer, then by default, anyone who lives here is defined by those things, a conclusion that just ain’t true.

So, as a counterweight to all that, I wanted to give a bit of a glimpse into a very normal, very typical life as a Bangkok expat – not a sexpat or short-time tourist (this was before seemingly every single person with an airplane ticket began writing their own travel blogs). I wanted to let people know that it’s possible to have a real career, a real relationship, and real friends in Bangkok, and that it’s quite easy to live a fantastically interesting, varied, rich, adventurous life here without having to dip your toe in anything skeezy.

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