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Jim Algie

I have been chronicling the wondrous and the wicked, the offbeat and downright peculiar, in Thailand, and other parts of Southeast Asia, since the early ’90s, for publications and book publishers around the whole weird and wild world. My books include the acclaimed non-fiction collection Bizarre Thailand: Tales of Crime, Sex and Black Magic (Marshall Cavendish 2010), the guidebook Travel Pack Thailand (Tuttle, 2012), and the upcoming collection of prize-grabbing short fiction The Phantom Lover and Other Thrilling Tales of Thailand (Tuttle, 2013).

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One thought on “Jim Algie’s Bizarre Thailand

  1. Hi Jim – I’m a novelist in Chiang Mai – past three years. I’m now working with a social media guy to create a following before my Nov. launch of first book in a five book series. So want to connect with more Thailand based writers. I have written a bunch of books – one is called Daka Diary, around 200 pages of Sexual Healing in Thailand – the AARP people would probably love it. Don’t know if anyone will ever read it, but great story about Thai bar women. I also have a story called Bangkok Bride sitting on the back burner. Always welcome new ideas and new friends. Dakan

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