Lanta Local

Lanta Local

I’m one of the many and varied expats living on Koh Lanta, a beautiful tropical island in the Andaman Sea. A former London girl, I left behind my city life to seek a simpler and more easy going existence in Thailand, living less materialistically and closer to nature and the beach. I ended up getting married to a Thai man and having a baby over here with him and, unfortunately, having lots of problems with him and subsequently becoming a single mum over here. Although life hasn’t always been as simple as I’d hoped it would be living on Lanta, I am now generally the happiest I’ve been in my life and really love raising my daughter here.  This blog is about my life on Lanta and some general thoughts and ramblings about being an expat.

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  1. Hi Larissa!I did volunteer at LAW (Lanta Animal Welfare) on Koh Lanta. My bornfieyd and I chose not to do the full volunteer program (which includes lodging and full days at the shelter), but to walk dogs as often as we could. We mostly frequented the shelter in the mornings when the temps were lower and the sun wasn’t the strongest. We had great experiences! The dogs have amazing personalities and love to get out for walks to the beach. I would definitely recommend it; it’s a great way to help out and vacation at the same time! I didn’t end up volunteering in Ho Chi Minh as our time there was limited. Most shelters also have Facebook pages set up so you can get updates about the animals, the shelter, etc. It’s a great way to connect before volunteering if you have any questions.I hope this helps! Thanks for checking out my blog!! 🙂

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