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Blog of the MonthEvery month, a blog about Thailand will be named “Blog of the Month” as chosen by fellow bloggers and readers to the site. The winner each month will nominate five more blogs that they think deserve to win. The blog with the highest rating at the end of the month will then be named Blog of the Month. They in turn have to nominate five more blogs. One of these, in turn, will be voted Blog of the Month for the following month. And so it goes on.



Life the Universe and Lani

Life, The Universe and Lani

Here are some of their latest blogs:

  • Woody Allen Festival in Bangkok and Chiang Mai
    Thai fans of movie director Woody Allen have a treat in store while they wait for his latest movie “Wonder Wheel” to be released in Thailand. Four of his movies will be re-released between 27th and 30th January before the official release of “Wonder Wheel” on 1st February. The movies in the festival are “Everyone Says I love you” (1996), ... read more
    Source: Richard Barrow in Thailand
  • Different people, different entrances
    And well not only different entrances but also different entrance prices of course as non-Thai are invited to pay "only" 50 Thai baht entrance and for Thai the entrance is free. Now you might think "Well let the poor Thai people get in for free" but this is a tourist attraction not a real temple. And most people visiting here ... read more
    Source: Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi
  • Day 3 of 7 of a small tour in North Thailand
    From the balcony of my room in Mae Salong in North Thailand we had a stunning sunrise view over the small mountain village. So as we did wake up early we first did visit the Sinakarintra Stit Mahasantikhiri Pagoda that has just been renovated. It is a beautiful build pagoda from where you have a stunning view over the mountains of ... read more
    Source: Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi
  • And I carry my …. dog
    Indeed Amazing Thailand, a young lady carrying her dog. Maybe the dog can not walk but I doubt it. For such a small young lady the dog must be a heavy load to carry. Photo made (with permission) at the Golden Triangle while making a small tour in North Thailand. For all trip reports of this tour see Small Tour North Thailand. ... read more
    Source: Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi
  • Day 2 of a small tour in North Thailand
    We started out small tour of North Thailand in Nan and travelled to Chiang Khong along the Mekong River. When arriving the day before we had a great view over the Mekong River and Laos at the other side. But as it is the cool season there is an lot of fog in the early morning, so our view was ... read more
    Source: Walking in the Footsteps of Chang Noi


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